Organizing content.

Organizing content means dividing it into categories for the simplest, fastest, and smoothest access. Viewers are on a mission to find content, the programmer's goal is to get him there as easily as possible.

Organized content it is to presented to viewers in menu and submenu form enabling them to find the information quickly without confusion.

Optimizing content for the web.

All articles and information should be presented in a way that is visually easy and pleasing to read. The amount of information on one page depends on visitor preferences and expected download times for pages.

A good check for how readable is the content is : Can it be scanned? Scanning is the method most used to read content on the web. So, it is best to be concise and to write in inverted form. The most important information first, the details later.

To get your message across content should be easy to understand. Sentences should talk to the site visitor, using "you", in an informal style. Paragraphs should be short. Use the audience's language not technical jargon.

SEO content optimizing

Optimizing content also involves SEO (Search Engine Optimization) considerations. Search engines such as Google rank sites according to certain criteria of site content. While I do not do complete Search Engine Optimization, I do take into account SEO considerations. For example using keywords in the content, using them in lists or using keywords in image alt tags.

Using images effectively

The purpose for images on website ranges from representational to emotional. For example:

  • Exact pictures of items like ecommerce product images (representational).
  • Pictures that illustrate a process or series of steps (representational).
  • Mood pictures (emotional).
  • One should not make people wonder the what or the why for a particular image. If it is there it should have a clear purpose. Size, illustration of image should support the content. When showing images of people one should consider diversity; show ranges of people from different perspectives rather than just one person.

Optimizing media

Graphics and videos should be optimized as far as file size goes. In many cases graphic files are much too large for the purposes of the website. Graphic files can be reduced in file size without compromising quality.

Much of this article is taken from the excellent book, Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works By: Janice (Ginny) Redish

Organizing and optimizing a website means taking steps to make content easy to reach, read and understand.